Disneyland 2011

Hi friends!

I hope that if you’ve had a long weekend like me, you enjoyed it… I spent it sicker than I’ve been in years. And don’t let that fool you – I still filled the weekend with errands, as I have a birthday party fast approaching! Balloons needed to be ordered, cake supplies needed to be bought, gifts needed to be picked out! So that was Saturday, and then yesterday I just sort of passed out. Today I worked against myself and got some things done in the craft room – thank you tags for my favours, a banner for the party, etc… again, I am feeling the pain as I type this. Turns out when your body tells you it’s time to rest, it’s probably time to rest.

We’re also in the throws of a very exciting play-off run here in BC for our Canucks… if you’re a hockey fan, you know that my local team is only one game away from winning the semi-finals, which would mean the ‘Nucks would be playing in the Stanley Cup Finals for the first time since 1994. To say we’re all pretty excited around here would be an understatement. They had a great season, and it looks like they’ve carried the momentum over… fingers crossed we will be celebrating some big wins to come in the next week! So I need to be rested for tomorrow night’s game!!

Anyway… I promised to share some pictures from our recent trip to Anaheim to visit a very famous Mouse…

We had a wonderful trip… my older one has talked about it non-stop since we got back, and she can’t wait until she can sleep in a hotel again (seriously… she asks almost every night if she can sleep at a hotel!). I could not wait to see her little face when got inside the park, and she started to realize what being there really meant…

And she did not disappoint! This was her as she caught sight of Pluto for the first time… don’t you love the magic in her eyes? I mean, the ones peeking out below those “movie star glasses”…

Big Sister was sporting her mouse ears from her first trip down there in 2009. So we had to get Baby Sister a matching pair!

Don’t ask me where she thought the camera was she was supposed to be smiling for… ! But a great smile, and I love my matching girls!

Lately we watch a *lot* of Rapunzel. But before Tangled came into our lives, we watched Sleeping Beauty. Every. Single. Day. Emma does not take naps, so this is the closest I get to a break in my day – movie time. I’ve been promised it does not make me a bad mother. Right?

Anyway… every day Emma likes to be a different princess… she has all the stories, which we read every night… but when it comes to Sleeping Beauty, she can actually act this one out, sing the theme song, and just basically live the story. So when we were *finally* through the two hour line up (no, that is not a typo), and found Aurora waiting for us, I felt like maybe, just maybe, it had been worth it (the jury is still out on that one!).

When I see the pictures my hubby snapped of this moment, I still smile and my heart swells. When I asked her later what she was talking to Aurora about, she said “Me help good fairies make blue dress… or pink dress… make birthday cake…” and I just sort of smiled and nodded. If you know the movie, you know what I am talking about – if not, well… just smile and nod. Anyway, when we got home and I downloaded the photos, as soon as I saw them I realized – that really is what she is talking about here! See her pointing at the dress? I won’t lie, I got very emotional while we were there, because this was just *so* special for her, and I just loved seeing the awe in her face. This is a girl who can be painfully shy at times, and here, she just marched right over, and opened right up to this Princess… because to her, Aurora is real, and she knows her story so well. These are my favourite moments that I know I will miss all too soon… I can’t wait to scrap these photos…

The littlest one was not fond of the characters (Mickey and Minnie style), though we could get a couple of photos with the human characters… like Jasmine:

My mother in law, who will try and convince you that these children are not spoiled (don’t listen to her) tried to buy them both princess dresses… I managed to talk her down to one, considering Josie wouldn’t have a *clue*…

But I tell you, that dress sure does make for some good photos. That’s Snow White (try and call her anything else) blowing kisses to one of her idols…

On our last day there, we walked into the park to see the Mad Hatter and Alice dancing with Tweedle Dee and Tweedle Dum. They pulled Emma into their little dance, which was so awesome… only Emma didn’t know that, so she just stood there. They were pros and danced in a circle around her. Later that same day, they found us again, and the Mad Hatter zoned right in on my tiny one:

One of the things I love the most about Disneyland is the attention to detail *everywhere*… like these awesome hanging baskets in Downtown Disney:

Cool, right?

On our way home, the baby caught the bug that apparently she passed on to me… so she spent pretty much the entire day sleeping on her dad. So her sister wanted to make her feel better:

It’s terrible quality, but do I care? No way… these are the moments I live for.

And now I leave you with what what I keep calling

The. Best. Picture. Ever.

I told you that dress made for awesome photos…

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  • Debgem
    May 24, 2011 6:40 am

    Oh Meredith – thank you for sharing, it sounds like you all had such a fabulous time. The photos of your girls are just gorgeous – I love the meeting with Aurora!! Hope you all feel much better soon!

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