Ladybug Birthday Party

Hi Friends!

Do you remember me?

I know, it’s been too long between my posts. I have been so busy with a few custom orders, but finally, the burden is starting to lighten. The 2 biggest projects are finished, so I am really anxious to get back to some ‘just for fun’ projects!

In the meantime, my baby girl’s first birthday party was a month ago, and I promised pictures!

I have always called her Ladybug – from the day she was born, pretty much! So there was only one way to go in terms of a theme. I was actually a bit stressed when I was pulling it all together, because usually I plan parties for months in advance, taking care to include every little detail I can possibly come up with. I felt like I wasn’t able to put that same amount of time and energy into Josie’s party… but when it all came together, I was relieved to see I was wrong!

I created this banner, which we hung on the mantle (that’s right, June, and we had to have the party inside because it was too chilly out. Ask me how impressed I am with the weather this summer…!)

Don’t you just LOVE the Banner Builder dies from PTI? This was so insanely easy to create, because all I had to do was die cut everything, and add some chipboard stickers to spell out her name! However, don’t tell the guests… they thought it was super impressive!

About 3 days before her birthday, I was at Michael’s and found these halloween tissue paper decorations on major clearance. How lucky for me that they fit the colour theme!

If you *really* squint, you might see the little black candle in it’s flower holder, surrounded by red tealight holders, and black, white and opalescent glass beads as the coffee table centerpiece. I really tried to add as many little details as I could!

Next… the cupcakes. Oh, I am so obsessed with decorating cupcakes these days… When I was buying cake supplies from my local store, I saw this technique on a custom order they were getting ready. I *knew* it was perfect for a ladybug to rest on…

Again… a little bit of practice, and this was actually really easy to do! I made the royal icing ladybugs myself, as I had purchased some sugar ones that just seemed a bit too… I dunno… not elegant enough, maybe? Can a ladybug be elegant?

Here is the tower, which was the centerpiece of the table:

And a close up of the birthday girl’s special cupcake:

I am also becoming heavily addicted to cookie decorating… it is just *so* fun!

I like to give my girls’ guests parting favours to thank them for taking the time out to celebrate with us. For this party, did I have any other choice?

I know these are not as great as many of the wonderful creations shared on some of my favourite blogs, but they were still well received by my guests, and I had so much fun making them! Here is how I packaged them up (forgive the poor photo!):

I really *really* hope to have a few crafty posts to come in the next few days. And I am also WAY behind in those festive Friday posts…. and by that, I mean, I am waaaaay behind on my Christmas cards and tags! So I hope to get back to those this week, or possibly next.

I hope you’re all well, and that you’re having a wonderful summer. I know that we’re going to blink, and it’s going to be fall and quickly Christmas, so I am trying very hard to soak up every sunny moment I can!



  • Anonymous
    July 12, 2011 8:44 pm

    Sounds like you've been busy 😉
    The party decorations and cakes all look fabulous – what a special occasion!
    TFS, Rx

  • Helen L
    July 19, 2011 7:15 am

    My goodness Meridith!!! Those cupcakes are AMAZING!!!! I've tried cake decorating (even took a class) and my mums have never looked that good!! And your cookies are spectacular!! Your girls are so spoiled to have you as their mommy!! Wish you were close enough to give me some lessons 🙂 Thanks for sharing your great projects!!

  • Helen L
    July 19, 2011 7:18 am

    PS. would you mind sharing your icing recipe for the cupcakes? i know that that is part of my decorating problem: I can never seem to get the right consistency! my email is hlebrett at . Thanks in advance if you are able to do so 🙂

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