Scrapbook Sunday – Happy Day…

We are a Disney-loving family, I can’t lie. My big one loves all the princesses (particularly Sleeping Beauty), my little one squeals every time she spots Tinkerbell. My oldest has been to Disneyland twice already, the little one once. No, they’re not spoiled – we wanted to go, and it felt cruel to leave them behind!

The last time we went, Emma was 2 and a half. She still remembers so much from that trip, it blows me away! Anyway… we waited all week to get a picture with Donald Duck. Apparently, he’s one tough duck to track down!

We had a tip that our last day would be the day, and we figured out what time to expect him to emerge from the magic little corner of Main Street where all the characters come out. So we waited. And waited. And then he came out. So we went straight up to him to make sure we got our photo… but apparently we were in the wrong spot; he had to be right at the front of Main Street. So, what’s a duck to do? Grab Snow White’s hand, and whisk her away to where he needed to be!

If you ask me, this is the best picture EVER. She just took his hand and ran her tiny little legs off to keep up. My hubby snapped photos the whole way, since this was such a neat moment for her.

He was walking so quickly, we could barely keep up with them… I can’t believe *she* could!

Yes, she did get a ‘normal’ picture with him once they got to their destination. He actually spent quite a bit of time with her, which is something I love about going to Disneyland… for how magic it is for the kids to see the characters, it’s wonderful that they never rush through your photo.

I have a secret to share with you too… we’re taking our babies to Disneyland for Christmas! Well, actually we’re going in the middle of December, so we’ll still be home to celebrate, but we’ll still see the park in all of it’s Holiday Glory!

We haven’t told Emma… I can’t wait to wake her up before the sun comes out and tell her that she has to hurry into the car because there’s a plane waiting. I did tell Josie, because she can barely talk and I didn’t think she’d even understand what I said… probably a mistake, because her whole face lit up as she gasped, then exclaimed, “TINK?!”… hmm… I guess she knows more than I realize…

That’s one of my all-time favourite photos, and I am so glad to have finally scrapped it. Thank you so much for popping over to let me share it with you! I always appreciate that you take the time to visit, and share your lovely comments. Enjoy the rest of your weekend!


  • Maureen
    September 16, 2012 3:34 pm

    oh, adorable doesn't seem enough to describe that picture either! Such a precious memory and aren't we lucky to have cameras to capture it! What a treasure 🙂 And how exciting to go before Christmas. My first trip was when I was 5, with my 5 siblings and parents in the station wagon for 4 days of driving there! LOL Then again on a plane when I was 15 with only 2 siblings and parents. Then the last time was when my son was 9…just before they started construction on the new California Adventure Park…we can't wait for grandbabies now so we can take them 🙂

  • Geri
    September 17, 2012 12:56 pm

    Oh, my gosh, Meredith! That picture has to be WAAAAY better than any one you could have planned! You'll never forget that moment! How perfect!!! Absolutely beautiful layout and colors to put it in, too! We've been once at Christmas (our 1st trip). Like Disney is not happy enough just the way it is…you put the decorations and the constant Christmas music with it…wonderful…so festive!!! (but a little busy, I thought…very worth it, though!) So glad you shared! (but you'd better watch tellin' those secrets!!!;)

  • Helen L
    September 18, 2012 7:16 pm

    Oh my, Meredith!!! That is the most precious photo ever!!! What a wonderful story to go with it too: thanks for sharing it with us!!! And, by the way, I love your layout too: beautiful!! I love that you kept it simple on the outside to keep our eyes focused on the center, and I love all the different papers and frames, etc, that you used to surround the photo with. Even your printing is pretty (I like it better than mine!!) Hugs from Helen

  • Alyssa S
    September 20, 2012 9:20 pm

    So, so sweet! The wonderful story to go along with it just makes it all the sweeter!
    You are going to have a blast! We just got back from a Disneyland/Sea World excursion last week! Amazing!

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