Let’s Catch Up…

Hello old friends!

I can’t believe it’s been so many months since I posted… time really does fly, doesn’t it? I keep thinking to myself “this is the week I’ll start blogging again…” because I so miss being immersed in Blogland… but then life happens, and it’s Spring Break.

So I thought I’d catch you up a little and share the few projects I have managed to create in the last few months.

The main keeper of my time…

And that’s already a month ago… he’ll be seven months old tomorrow. The first few months were quite cranky… people would ask how he was and I’d always reply, “Bitchy!” because he was just so grumpy all the time. Then we took him to Disneyland (right before the above photo) and life clicked for him. He’s now a very happy, very smiley boy, who is very attached to his mumma. I won’t lie; I kind of love that last part! But it means that when he’s around me, I get very little done because he figures he should be, in some way, attached to me. I know this time will pass so quickly, so I don’t mind and I definitely indulge.

The girls are so completely in love with him that we have to remind them constantly to give him his space. My oldest can’t stop picking him up, even though she can barely handle his huge self (he’s a big boy!). They are always showering him with kisses, and if he fusses, they race each other to be by his side and talk to him. It’s a good help for me!

We are also gearing up for another pretty huge renovation… we *still* have a lot of finishing work to do on the main floor from the renovations we did last year, and now we are getting ready to completely gut our basement. My hubby has decided that it’s time to get another bin parked in our driveway and start filling it. We’ve filled the workshop up with things like doors and tiles, and so there’s not a lot of actual work space. So it sounds like we’ll be gutting the basement, hanging trim in the kitchen at the same time we’re hanging drywall downstairs. It’s a little chaotic, but at this point, I’m just along for the ride!

Cards… oh I miss stamping so much! It wouldn’t be a trip to my blog without a Christmas card, right?

I adopted a penguin for my husband’s Christmas present (he loves penguins!), so this was the card I put together for him. It’s a mish mash of products, and it takes me forever these days to put something together, but it’s so damned cathartic when I do!

Our anniversary was at the start of February… we’ve somehow been married for ten years! We had a snowflake themed wedding, so I made a card that reflected our theme and colours:

I feel like I was channeling my inner Debbie Hughes with that one…

Then it was Valentine’s Day, and I wanted to create a little something for the kids… I was lazy though, and they all got the same design. Hopefully my son forgives the girly factor!

I love love LOVE Rifle & Co. and tried my best to emulate their beautiful style when I stamped these out. I was happy enough with them for being quickie cards I punched out before we left for Disneyland (we got back the day before Valentine’s).

The girls are on their Spring Break so it’s going to be a couple of busy weeks ahead, but they have both asked to spend a day in the craft room stamping, so that means we’ll dump their brother on Grandma, and hopefully I’ll blog again before another six months goes by…

If there’s anyone reading this… thanks for stopping by! I say it every time, but I really *do* hope to get back into regular blogging sometime soon. We’ve got some parties and things coming up, which forces me to create… I just have to make a point of blogging those projects!

I hope all of you are well, and please know that even if I’m silent in my corner over here, I AM still checking out what’s going on out there, and seeing what you’re all up to! Have a great Sunday, friends!


  • Kay Miller
    March 14, 2016 2:21 pm

    So nice to see a post from you Meredith! I miss your beautiful cards, but the main keeper of your time is absolutely adorable and he would be my first pick too 🙂 Your cards are as lovely as ever, so I see you haven't lost your touch! I adore the Christmas cards and the Valentine one is just amazing!

  • Aleksandra
    March 24, 2016 4:20 pm

    Meredith your kids are lovely! And so are your cards! I am too slowly returning to blogging after my kids are getting a little bigger now. I've missed it too. I am looking forward seeing some more of your beautiful work!

    Have a great day!

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