Season’s Greetings…

Season’s Greetings…

So because I am pretty rusty with this whole stamping, cardmaking gig (I used to pump out so many cards whenever I would sit down… now it’s one or two!), I need a lot of help getting started. I’ve been cruising Pinterest and filling up my “Inspiration Love…” board.

So this card was born from something I pinned, and I really loved stamping on the coloured background, which is something I forget to do when I’m left to my own devices!

It’s a little different for me, but the inspiration piece really drove me out of my comfort zone, and that was the whole point.

Also – a cutesy deer? Who saw that coming?! But I’ve really been enjoying this set from Lawn Fawn, and it hasn’t been as difficult to work with as I might have thought, given that it’s so different than what I’ve worked with in the past.

So that’s what I have for you today, and I have a few more coming! Thanks for popping in, and I’ll be back soon to share some other cards that were inspired by the magical world of Pinterest!

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