A Day for Love…

A Day for Love…

Hearts, candy, love… it’s a good way to recover from the after-Christmas hangover, don’t you think? Although, we still have plenty of holiday candy in our house, so maybe we can skip that part…

Truth be told, I used to hate Valentine’s Day growing up… it always felt like such a popularity contest, and I always managed to feel on the outside of it all. Especially in those delicate teen years, when you didn’t get the Val-o-Gram or whatever they were called… that just sucked.

So when I started dating my husband, it was pretty awesome to finally get some roses and a mushy card. Until he told me what those roses cost because he paid the Love Day Premium.

We also got married in February, so we have always opted to just celebrate our anniversary, and forget the commercial holiday that is Valentine’s Day.

And then we had babies.

What a glorious excuse to shower my babies in love and mush.

Now we have a pre-teen baby, so I decided to make her a card that felt more modern to suit her style, more than my own vintage and frill.

Created using the Love Day stamp set by Crate Paper Inc.

Not so cheesy, not too much mush (SO uncool), and not a drop of pink or red. I think she will approve.

My middle baby is all about the poop emojis, unicorns and all things rainbow. I don’t think we could be any more opposite!

Created using various paper scraps and Waltzingmouse Stamps

That one required some patience as I pieced it all together, and it’s hard to tell in the photo, but the background is slightly embossed. I messed up my sandwich when I ran it through my Big Shot, so it didn’t have the right amount of pressure… but I actually like the subtle effect!

My youngest baby is only 3 and doesn’t really know what’s what… except that there’s a present waiting (he’s going to be so bummed that it’s just a bath fizzer!), and he doesn’t know why he can’t open it yet, and why it isn’t his birthday…

Created using the Love Day stamps by Crate Paper Inc.

How about you? Do you celebrate Valentine’s Day, or is it just another day of the week for you? I’m curious to know how others view the day, because it can certainly be so polarizing!

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