Snow Day Ice Cream…

Snow Day Ice Cream…

Where we live, we don’t see snow as much as parts of the rest of Canada – or even our own province for that matter! I grew up in Alberta where it starts snowing before October, and ends sometime before October the following year… No really. Alberta has seen snow, at some point in time or another, every single month of the year.

So we moved to B.C. when I was a kid, and said goodbye to temperatures that make your face hurt, and needing 8 layers on just to get the mail from the box across the street.

Which is why I still, 20 plus years later, find it comical when the kids here get so excited for snow. I get it – but I also remember how it was just a part of life for me as a kid.

The district my kids go to school in *never* calls a snow day. Like, NEVER. So last week, when we were shocked to find ourselves at home unexpectedly on a Tuesday, we needed things to do to fill our time.

We searched Pinterest, and found a few different ‘recipes’ for making Snow Ice Cream. We went out to the deck, gathered some (CLEAN) fluffy snow, and went to work.

I ended up just mixing snow, a small amount of milk and some good quality vanilla, until I liked the consistency of our ‘ice cream’. We made ours as close to soft serve as we could manage. It takes a LOT of snow, and a little bit of milk – we probably used about 8 cups of snow to 1/3 cup of milk and maybe a teaspoon of vanilla.

It tasted surprisingly good! The consistency isn’t necessarily creamy, but you don’t feel like you’re eating snow, either. And while it was a quick activity, my kids were thoroughly entertained… the 10 year old enjoyed this equally as much as the 3 year old. The 8 year old just saw sprinkles, which was all she needed to get excited!

We saw other recipes that called for condensed milk, which I did not have on hand. I would think it would provide a creamier result, so may be worth further research.

Have you ever made this? I find it somewhat ironic that I grew up with more snow than we ever wanted, and never heard of this before moving to where we only see rain! Let me know if you have any variations we should try, as we are forecasted for more snow to come!

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