Valentine’s Accents…

Valentine’s Accents…

Well, I learned one thing today for sure…. I have a lot to learn about photographing my house and decor. I have shared lots on my Instagram over the years, but using my real camera and trying to do it properly proved to be a skill I don’t totally possess just yet.

I’ll work on that.

I wanted to show you how I really quickly added some Valentine’s Day touches to our home… I didn’t go too crazy, and the whole thing probably added 20 minutes to my day. The kids will get a kick out of it and it’s nice to bring something fresh to the place, since we’ve been in the after-Christmas bare bones.

I added a little touch right at the front door, on the handle of our coat closet. I really lean towards rustic and simple these days, and so that helped me decide what I wanted to use from the bin of things we have collected over the years.

Our entry is 2 levels (though tiny) and so I have this gallery wall that is right there when you enter. I switch the wreath out to suit most seasons, and once Christmas is finished, this simple little grapevine heart is perfect. It was really inexpensive from Michael’s a few years ago, though I don’t doubt they still have them!

I also try to just use what I have – especially because I have a lot of red accents from our Christmas decor!

You can see the wool pom pom garland (I *love* these and have quite a collection) which is actually one of my Christmas decorations… I just keep it handy when I pack that stuff up, so that I can use it for Valentine’s Day! I also added a couple of heart accents to my mantle, and a pink and white antique quilt to the back of the chair.

I switched out my throw cushion covers (I just use the Gurli ones from Ikea, because they are so affordable and wash up so well), and added my red and white antique quilt to the sofa. The little heart cushion was something I picked up at a vintage market, and it’s made from a scrap of an antique quilt, too.

So just a few touches here and there, but it’s freshened up a couple of spaces and will be enjoyed for a couple of weeks!

How about you, do you change your decor regularly? And do you change things up for all the holidays, or just a select few?

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